Huge leap for Koulousias

Just months ago, Manolis Koulousias often competed in third-world…stadiums and the dressing rooms were…containers.

As of today, the 18-year-old midfielder, who wore the colors of AEP Kozani, will be a member of the Czech team Taborsko, which is already at the top of the second national league table and is aiming for promotion.

The people of AEP Kozani, with the right approach and the many opportunities they gave to the young children of the area, had identified Manolis’ talent early on.

It is no coincidence that they dared and gave him a shirt at the age of 15!!!!!, when AEP Kozani was actually competing in the Football League.

Then, with proper and hard training, Koulousias managed to win a starting position in a tough for a new league like that of the 3rd National Team, where usually in other teams, 35-year-olds competed.

AEP Kozani is once again pleased to emphasize the joy of its people, as they give a huge opportunity to yet another young kid, to try his luck in an advanced championship like the Czech Republic.

At the same time, PPA.WORLD shows the way to young children with proper education and talent that their path with us will have no…ceiling.

Good luck Manolis.