Over the last 4 decades PPA.WORLD provides a high range of services to football players, coaches and directors in an international level, offering them the opportunity to develop successfully their career and achieve the highest benefits.

Based in ethic codes and close relationship with its’ clients PPA.WORLD offers individual solutions to lead them to the best result.

In Football every participant needs a strong and efficient professional partner to protect his interests and offer the best solutions, using high knowledge and wide-range expertise.

PPA.WORLD has proven through exceptional work and significant successes that it is an excellent specialist in scouting talents, recruiting professionals, career planning and developing young football players.

Scouting Talents

Due to its longtime presence in football, PPA.WORLD has developed a huge net of exclusive talent scouters all over the World.

These scouters are tracing in almost 30 countries around the World all young football talents with high potential to become the next generation of international stars.

Recruiting Professionals

PPA.WORLD is the choice of established sports professionals such as trainers, players and technical directors.

These clients profit from PPA’s international network of contacts in the Football World which offers a variety of carrier opportunities.

Professional anticipation, strict organisation, strong image, longtime experience and a qualified team are the advantages that offer a flourishing career.

Career Planning

Players engaged with PPA.WORLD take advantage of a long term career plan with the aim of reaching the highest football level and the best financial incomes. PPA.WORLD assists the players in making each time the right step according to their age, experience and skills. The target is to reach the top step by step.

Training Plan

Each player has his own skills and needs to be developed. At the same time he needs to work in improving his physical talent and his presence in the game.  PPA.WORLD in cooperation with technical staff like trainers, physios, doctors and nutritionists is offering the necessary plan and conditions to a player in order to develop his skills to the highest level.

Health Assistance

The successful career of an athlete depends to a great extent on anticipating the inevitable injury problems. Injuries and damages of the body is part of the life of an athlete.  PPA.WORLD, due to a long-standing cooperation with medical staffs and clinics, assist the athlete in anticipating injuries and rehabilitation issues. PPA.WORLD is cooperating with leading and specialized doctors and with their assistance provides to its’ clients timely diagnosis and proper rehabilitation.

Legal Advise

A strong and experienced team of legal consultants are always available to the clients of PPA.WORLD in order to support them in any legal issue that they will face during their professional career and their private life.

Contract Negotiations

Our clients are always supported by a team of experts who offer their expertise in order to secure the best results during their contract negotiations. Agents, Legal advisor and Financial Consultant are always present during the negotiation and the conclusion of a client’s contract.

Wealth Management

The professional engagement with Sports consumes almost all the day of an athlete. Consequently he has no time at all to think and analyze the proper management of his profits. He needs advise and support by professional people who have the knowledge to guide him in order to secure that the wealth earned by his work will be productive and fruitful in the future. Our team of financial and legal advisors are always on the athlete’s side in order to guide him successfully to a secure management of his wealth. Our motto is ” most important than earning is saving what you earned”.