Andreas Karo debut in U21 National Team

CFA’s website refers to the participation of Andreas Karo in U21 Cyprus National Team in Belarus.
Andreas Karo in his first appearance in U21 Cyprus National team, was one of the top players.
The young defender, playing for Nottingham Forest U21, had joined U17 Cyprus National Team in May 2014, in Switzerland. Since then, he was called many times to join U21 Cyprus National Team, but his debut was in yesterday’s away game with Belarus (2:2).
“The previous matches of the preliminary phase have filled us with stubbornness. We did not have many options and we felt bad, as we have disappointed those who believed in us, expecting better performance in the four previous matches in our group.  It is true that there was intense debate and strong criticism and certainly not without reason. In the match of Belarus, we entered the game with more determination, passion and generally responded to the difficulties encountered in Borisov.  2-2 can be considered a positive result for an away game, but we wanted to win and we played for the win until the end. The appearance gives hope but grades are far behind and will need even more effort to achieve something better “, said Karo at CFA’s website. The mission returns: The mission of our U21 National Team returns from Minsk Thursday morning. Yesterday’s game was the last one for 2015.