PPA.WORLD in Antalya

Dozens of teams from all over Europe are in Turkey and mainly in ANTALYA for their winter training.

For years this area has developed into a “magnet”, as facilities, prices, weather, everything comes together.

PPA.WORLD is of course present, since the scouts of our Company are already in the area watching players and teams that are currently there.

So Mr. Bitsoris with our Turkish partner Mr. Firat, found themselves at the hotel of the Bulgarian club, Arda, where they met one of our stars. Alex Petkov, the international stopper who is set to become a bone of contention in the summer, as his contract expires.

Alex, son of the former star of AEK Athens, Milen Petkov, born in 1999, with a height of 191 cm, receives many offers to move in the summer.

Having started his career in Scotland in Hearts, he continued in Levski Sofia to find himself in Arda for 2.5 years where he is now an irreplaceable member.