Irodotos is getting ready for the big leap

Irodotos Christodoulou returned to the Czech Republic after his vacation in Cyprus.

The preparation of his team has started and the Cypriot defender starts with the best omens.

Jihlava’s team finished in 7th place in the 2nd Division last season, but the bar for this year has been set very high.

The 20-year-old defender received the message from his coach Jan Kamenik, that this year he is counting on him, he will now take a key position and has a huge opportunity to establish himself.

In fact, as one stopper was transferred, while the second, who was playing on loan from Slavia, returned to his team, Irodotos will be in the first line-up.

This is the second year of the young ace in the Czech Republic, having already played for 2 years in Austria.

The championship starts at the end of July and everything shows that this season will belong to the Cypriot defender.