The journey starts in Crete facing Episkopi

Start of the C National Championship on Sunday, with Apollon starting its difficult road, with the match against Episkopi, in Crete.

An Apollon, who is doing a terrible road race to stand on his feet, having only started training on August 14th, can be considered anything but ready.

Management and PPA.WORLD, give a daily fight against time, to fill the big gaps. As in the beginning there was NOTHING.

Not ONE football card, not a ball, not jerseys, not even pitches for training.

No training ground, no balls and jerseys, since all these belonged to the owner of PAE who left nothing behind.

The coaching staff, in just 27 days in total at their disposal, are trying as best they can to prepare the team with the players they currently have.

The team will travel on Saturday night to Crete and the only thing that is certain is that all the children, no matter how unprepared they are (while all their opponents have been training for…months), will give their best, to get the best they can.

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