Unsurpassed Record

An unsurpassed record was created in this year’s summer transfers by the AEP Kozani team, which was managed by PPA.WORLD.

A provincial, practically non-existent team (60 tickets per month), which participated in the degraded championship of the C National Team of Greece, was a springboard not for 1 or 2 children but for…almost a whole 11, to make incredible transfers.

Starting with Michalis Voriazidis, who at the age of 16!!!!, moved to Slavia Praga, he was followed this year by Manolis Koulousias (18), also in the Czech team Taborsko.

Yiannis Karagiannidis, whom the people of AEP Kozani dared to put in the eleven at the age of 16, forced the officials to call him to the Greek National U-17 team (the only footballer who did NOT come from a major PAE).

The development is normal and two weeks ago he signed a professional contract with PAOK Thessaloniki.

Also at the age of 16, Nikos Adamopoulos, played countless games with AEP Kozani, in a tough league like that of the 3rd National Team, a key defender in all the Western Mixed Leagues. Macedonia, it was normal to gather many eyes on him. He has been wearing the Panaitolikos K-17 shirt for a month now and his future looks bright.

With him is the likeable Dimitris Tzimolakas, also in Panaitolikos.

At the age of 17, Christos Kaliambakas was certainly the youngest goalkeeper to get all the appearances in the league, it is normal for the Orestiada team to trust him, where he was recently transferred.

In the neighboring team of Veria, the very young Michaelidis, while the main center forward of AEP Kozani, Giorgos Vasiltsis, will continue his upward path with the colors of Panaitolikos.

Riddy, Fred, Liakos, Kirkilianidis, have been in demand and have already found their next station which will surely be temporary to make their big leap.

The people of PPA.WORLD feel proud of the excellent development of all its children.

With an unprecedented philosophy for Greek standards, they created the youngest team that participated in an official Championship (18.2!!!!!), they gave countless opportunities to the talents of the region, since this was their goal.

Despite the toxic climate that exists in Greek Football, the obstacles encountered by all the authorities of Kozani, since they never entered into transactions, concessions and kept to the end the philosophy of pure football, were vindicated in the end by the results.